One Response to The Ender.

  1. When the Evil Seed corrupted Scott, the only thing that kept him from going completely berserkers mode was the power of his bo staff, along with Scott’s inner strength.
    Scott was driven insane by the evil seed. In his rage, and with his great skills, he killed many temple members. Scott regained his sanity. Unfortunately, the temple members were still evil, so Scott was forced to kill many of them in self

    Scott embarked on a quest to purify himself.

    Scott realized his lack of skill. He realized that his purifying arts alone wouldn’t be enough to win if he, himself, was not strong.

    There was no time to waste. Reading Scott’s thoughts, The Ender quietly ordered him to begin rigorous training. The Ender intentionally surrounded himself with evil energy. Scott had to face The Ender with nothing more than his staff. It was the most difficult training he had ever endured, but he had to overcome it in order to get stronger.

    The Ender’s power was unbelievable. Fast as lightning. Strong as a wild beast. With the spirit of a raging hurricane. Scott quickly realized that he must focus on purifying The Ender.

    Within three months, Scott succeeded in striking The Ender with a purifying blow but he wounded him deeply at the same time. The Ender explained that Scott still lacked skill. A better strike would have purified the mind, and left the body unharmed. However, he had done well for such a short period of time.

    The training continues.

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